IEEE Asian Hardware Oriented Security and Trust Symposium (AsianHOST)

December 15-17, 2020

Virtual (IIT Kharagpur)

Kolkata, India

Asian Hardware Oriented Security and Trust Symposium (AsianHOST) is an annual symposium which aims to facilitate the rapid growth of hardware-based security research and development. Another goal of this conference is to help build hardware security community in Asian and Pacific area.

Given the current uncertainty with travel and event organization restrictions caused by COVID-19, the AsianHOST 2020 will go ONLINE and the conference registration fee will be adjusted. Meanwhile, the organizers are closely monitoring the situation as it evolves. An OPTIONAL in-person meeting will still be held if the situation changes and people are safe and willing to travel.

AsianHOST 2020 is dedicated to the memory and legacy of Pramod Subramanyan, who in a short span of a few years has left an indelible mark on the field of Hardware Security. We will also introduce a "Pramod Subramanyan Best Student Paper Award", and a "Pramod Subramanyan Memorial Lecture" for AsianHOST 2020. We are happy to announce that Dr. Sharad Malik from Princeton University will present in the "Pramod Subramanyan Memorial Lecture" in AsianHOST 2020.

Featured Speakers / Panelists

Sharad Malik
Sharad Malik
Princeton University

Hardware has long been viewed as a trusted party supporting the whole computer system and is often treated as an abstract layer running instructions passed through the software layer. Historically, cybersecurity community believed that the integrated circuit (IC) supply chain is well protected. However, the IC supply chain, which is now spread around the globe, has become more vulnerable to attacks than before. The heavy reliance on third-party resources/services breeds security concerns and invalidates the illusion that attackers cannot easily access the isolated IC supply chain. Formal methods have been proven to be effective in security verification on hardware code. Trustworthy hardware is also under development for the construction of the root-of-trust. The intrinsic properties of existing and emerging devices, MOSFET, memristor, spintronics, etc. are leveraged for security primitives and applications. Another trend in the hardware security area is the development of security enhanced hardware infrastructure for system level protection. The goal is to provide a fully operational software and hardware platform that ensures secure design, manufacturing, and deployment of modern computer systems.

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